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Colt 1911A1 .45 (>>RESERVED<<)

>>>RESERVED<<< Sept. 2010.

This is a classic WWII pistol made by Colt for th American Army. It is blued and has a very nice finish. The barrel is still in very good condition as are the magazine and handgrips. Original markings and Colt's address on the slide. A very nice and desirable handgun with lots of classic history.

This gun is licensed in th netherlands under (WWM). Please check your own local laws and regulations. If you need some more information please contact us dafas

Colt ANACONDA .45LC Colt ANACONDA revolver in matt satin finish in .45 Long Colt caliber from 1991's. This revolver is (believed by the present owner ;-) to be one of the finest revolvers made by Colt and was also one of the last commercial model handguns made by Colt. It has an 6" barrel in .45 LC and a very beautiful triggerpull! Original grips and sights. Excellent overall condition.

This gun is licensed in Ther Netherlands under (WWM) and requires an export permit as well as a fire-arms license and permit. Please check local laws and regulations.

AR-10 assault rifle .308 AR-10  Original Portugese model .308 NATO (made by Dutch A.I. in early 1960's)

The AR-10 was designed by Eugene Stoner in the fifties while working for Armalite. These rifles were actually made under license at the Dutch Artillerie Inrichtingen for several countries. This was one of the last made Portugese models. It is a lightweight, air-cooled, magazine-fed
 rifle that uses the direct gas principle with a rotary bold locking mechanism. The rifle has a conventional layout; it features an in-line stock, an aluminum alloy receiver and a reinforced fibreglass pistol grip, handguard, and buttstock. While mostly an original design, the AR-10 built upon previously proven concepts. From the FAL it took the hinged receiver system allowing the rifle to be opened for cleaning much like a break-action shotgun. The ejection port cover is similar to that found on the German Stg44 from WWII. The bolt locking mechanism is similar to the Johnstone M1943 rifle. The AR-10's method of rotary bolt locking, straight-line recoil, and gas operation enhanced its inherent accuracy.

Logos Quiz Answers on this page Click Site . resume writer . Fuck you gently jack it fuck. . buy essays online . essay writer The gas system, bolt carrier, and bolt-locking design were novel for the time. Most gas-operated rifles divert combustion gases from a port in the barrel to a piston and cylinder arrangement adjacent to the port. In Stoner's design, the gas travels from a port near the middle of the barrel through a steel tube back into the receiver. The gas enters a chamber formed between the rear of the bolt and the inside of the bolt carrier. Once the bolt carrier moves to the rear a small distance, excess gas is vented through holes in its side. This use of the bolt and bolt carrier for the separate actions of a piston and gas cylinder simplified construction and saved weight. Movement of the bolt carrier was in-line with the bore, greatly improving inherent accuracy, as well as keeping the rifle on target as the gun fired. Since the straight-line stock placed the shooter's eye well above the barrel the rifle's sights were mounted high, with the rear sight contained in a carrying handle that also protected the cocking/charging lever.

The receiver is made from forged and machined aluminum to reduce weight. The bolt locks into an extension on the barrel instead of the receiver allowing for a lightweight receiver while not compromising the strength of the bolt locking mechanism. 
The stock is made from a plastic-reinforced fiberglass with a core of rigid plastic foam. The handguards and pistol grip are also fiberglass. The Fairchild-(Armalite) Company was an aircraft manufacturer, and the use of plastics, titanium, and aluminum were common in the aircraft industry at the time, though not generally used in firearms. It started a revoultion in arms design which is still commom today.

The AR-10 formed the basis for the well-known M-16/AR15 rifles in the 1960's. Of coarse the .308 round made it more hard hitting and effective at longer ranges. This example is only semi-auto. An excellent classic Military rifle with a lot of history! 

British Antique Shotgun LAMINTED STEEL BARRELS This is a beautiful old double barrelled British Antique Shotgun in 12-gauge blackpowder. Made in England this shotgun has enscribed "LAMINATED STEEL" on top of the barrelridge. The barrels are not Damascus, but one of the early steel made barrels. Blackpowder proofmarks. Well made sturdy gun with good quality fixtures and fittings. Nice engraving on lock and handguard. Bone inlay. Nice wood. Made around 1880-1888.

prijs € 475,-- 
British Antique Shotgun SAM SMALLWOOD This double barreled fronthammer 12 gauge under-lever British Shotgun is made for blackpowder cartridges by samuel SMALLWOOD. It has original blackpowder proofmarks and made around 1875-1880. Both locks are signed by Sam Smallwood. The wood has a deep colour. All engravings in the lock are still very nice and crisp. The checkering as slight wear but is still well visible. The Damascus barrels are good but do have a few specks (as is usual with blackpowder guns). The underlever has slight wear on ths surface.  

Price € 375,-- please email me: dafas
US JOHNSON M1941 .30-06

JOHNSON M1941 Rifle in .30-06   >>> RESERVED <<<

Melvin Johnson campaigned heavily for the adoption of the Johnson rifle by the U.S. Army and other service branches. However, after limited testing, the U.S. Army rejected the Johnson in favor of the M1 Garand rifle developed by the Springfield Armory. This particular M1941 Johnson was ordered by the Netherlands for issue to its troops in the Dutch East Indies, but the Japanese invaded the islands before the rifles could be shipped from California. At this time, the U.S. Marine Corps found itself in need of a modern fast-firing infantry rifle, and acquired some rifles from the Dutch East Indies shipment for issue to its Paramarine battalions then preparing to deploy for action in the Pacific theatre. By all accounts, the M1941 Johnson performed acceptably in combat with the Marines in the early days of the Pacific fighting.

Despite repeated requests to adopt the rifle by the Marine Corps, the Johnson rifle also lacked the support of US Army Ordnance, which had already invested considerable sums in the development of the M1 Garand and its revised gas operating system, then just going into full production. Johnson was successful in selling small quantities of the Johnson Light Machine Gun to the U.S. armed forces, and this weapon was later used by both Para-Marines and the Army's First Special Service Force

The Johnson rifle was also used in the 1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion by the anti-Castro.

Because it was produced in relatively small quantities the Johnson rifle has become a highly sought-after collectible by WWII collectors looking to complete their collections.

This rifle is semi automatic and licensed in The Netherlands (WWM). Please check own legal laws and regulations before inquiring. contact

British Antique Shotgun MIDLAND GUN Co. >>> Sorry SOLD <<<
British Antique Shotgun WW GREENER Dit is een zeer mooie en topstuk WW GREENER dubbelloops zwartkruit hagelgeweer. Het heeft een Facile Princeps Actie (Boxlock) en het bekende Greener pattern Side Safety. Non-ejector. Het hout is mooi en diep van kleur. Zonder scheuren of barsten. De Damastlopen zijn van uitstekende kwaliteit (zeldzaam voor zwartkruit!) en hebben nog de originele bruinering en inscriptie op de loop. Zeer mooie checkering met inleg van hoorn. Het heeft alleen Britse zwartkruit proefmarks en werd gemaakt in 1893. Het kaliber is 12-Gauge (zwartkruit).

Deze originele zwartkruit WW GREENER is vrij onder art. 18 RWM in Nederland voor personen van 18 jaar en ouder. (legitimatie verplicht)

Een mooie mogelijkheid voor de serieuze verzamelaar die een redelijk zeldzaam en bijzonder topstuk zoekt!

Prijs € 1400,--  mail me:
British Antique Shotgun BELL Bros. Glasgow This is a well made and sturdy double barreled blackpowder shotgun. Made by the BELL Brothers in Glasgow around 1875-1880.

price € 650,--
British Antique Shotgun T. MURCOTT This is an antique front-hammer double barreled shotgun in 12-gauge blackpowder. Made by T. MURCHOTT (who patented the first hammerless shotgun in 1871!) All blackpowder proofmarks. 

Price: € 475,--
British Antique Shotgun J. SHAW uit OLDBURY Antique blackpowder shotgun from around 1876-1880 by John SHAW from OLDBURY. 12-gauge blackpowder.

Price: € 575,--
British Antique Shotgun T. MONKS Antique shotgun from T. MONKS. Blackpowder 12-gauge made around 1876.

Price: € 525,-- 
British Antique Shotgun W.R. PAPE >>> RESERVED <<<

Antique double barreled blackpowder shotgun in 12-gauge by W.R. PAPE from Newcastle Upon Tyne. This is an early gun from around 1860-70 On the barrel is the inscription of the makers name and "Inventor if Bore Choking" . Nice gun. The barrel rib on top is slightly loose in several areas and needs to be repaired. (This is not a major issue but needs to be mentioned!) Lovely barrels. Beautiful engravings. A real collectors item.

Price: € 550,--
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